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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1937 Pan American Airlines Annual Report

The scan of this annual report from 1937 doesn't tell the story of how close this is to being dust. It was literally falling apart in my hands. But it is a nice old piece I picked up in Danbury last weekend. Click on any one of the images for a readable copy.

The graphic for the "growth" in Pan American personnel is comedy gold. They must have been flying some tiny planes in 1928. By the 1970s I am guessing the skyscraper Pan Am owned in New York City would have been to house a couple of  gargantuan pilots.

PAN AM was at its pinnacle in the 70's and then oil prices began to take their toll on all airlines. With a billion in cash on hand PAN AM should have been able to weather the storm, but apparently not. The skyscraper went in 1980 and by the end of that decade their routes were being sold off and in 1991 they were bought wholly by Delta.  The commercial below paints the brightest picture of what airline travel was as opposed to the strip search it has become.   

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