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Monday, August 6, 2012

For a Good Time: Park Yer Carcas right here!

It's hard to image the importance of entertainment in the days when there were almost no TV channels. Actually, today we have almost no TV channels - they are all data streams sent over digitized frequencies far away from the analog "channels" they were assigned in the 40's. Sorry if I am getting to technical.
In 1937 you could listen to the radio, the record player, grampa on the spoons, maybe watch a few lines of experimental TV,or go see a movie-
Movies 25 cents
 Ann Southern was a chorus girl who could also sing and act. A friend and contemporary of Lucille Ball, she had a good long run in movies and in TV. She died in 2001 at 94. I have been looking but I can't confirm that she was "The Girl with the Golden Gimmes"  I suppose anything gold is good, but what the heck is or are "Gimmes?"  I thought they miss-spelled "Gams" but I can't confirm that either. Can You? See below:
The second red arrow points to the comedic actor who called himself Parkyarkarus  (Park your Carcus) whose real name was Bob Einstein, and also Harry Parke. He used this odd name in 11 films from '36 to '45. He deserves more of a description than I could find, but I will say that he got his start in radio with Eddie Cantor, is the father of one of my favorite actors - Albert Brooks (and Super Dave Osborne), and died of a heart attack after roasting Desi Arnez at the Friar's Club. Oh Lucy. He was only 54.

Click for a larger image
There were all sorts of attractions, besides the movies themselves, to keep people filling the seats...maybe they new that this new "TV thing" was right around the corner?

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