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Monday, August 13, 2012

Kids and Guns? Why not?

I know this has been done before, because I have seen some of these old ads posted. I was leafing through a 1904 "Saturday Evening Post" (doesn't everyone?) and I noticed a pattern in a couple of the ads. This one caught my eye as strange.
 I've never seen "lockjaw" used as an angle for selling a gun, but if the boy needs a real gun to shot on July 4th, why not give him the option of a .22 or a .32?
 The Iver Johnson ads are the ones I have seen commonly, but I couldn't resist posting this one. Does "inappropriate" come in caliber sizes? 
 This one I just tossed in for the novelty of the claim. It better shoot something other that water! A vicious man or dog will just become more pissed if you only squirt him.

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  1. Ammonia works great for dogs. I can't imagine getting my kids a .22 much less a .32 for the 4th!


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