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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gadgetology 101 - A Sight for sore eyes?

I am thankful for the little things...that I find at estate, tag, garage sales and only cost a dollar. The things that mystify me and get to go home with me so I can ogle it and solve the nagging question: What the heck is (or was) it?  Case in point:

It is possibly a gun sight alignment tool about 5.5 inches long, yet it has nothing to affix itself to a rifle. The small hole above is the viewing port which came with a black cap with a pin hole in it - meaning that it can be viewed both ways. 
The manufacturer is Berger, and the unit has 2 float levels one on top and one that is viewed against the gradations on the glass at the opposite end. You can hold it level and confirm that it is level, but why?

That's all I have. The rest is up to you to solve, for which i would be most grateful. 


  1. I think its a hand-held level for surveying... http://www.engineersupply.com/hand-levels.aspx


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