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Monday, November 26, 2012

Other Peoples Mail - Any stationery you can find

I found this at a Bridgewater, CT sale, I think I bought it because it borders on folk art. Almost unreadable as a letter, the author was clearly lacking proper stationary and used the only thing he had...the nearly white cover of a magazine. I can't imagine the recipient's reaction to this, unless it was a spouse who could decipher form practice, maybe. I could only glean a few salient points (excerpted below). I have tried to expand the paper in case you might want to try and translate it. However, I don't think it was that important.
The Outlook Magazine, 1927, used as stationery

In 1927, travel by rail was still very common. Roads were unraveling like spools of ribbon across America as more and more people found four-wheel travel more liberating. This would begin the death march for many common rail lines, but if you were going from New York to Albany or points north or west, there was nothing more regular and presumably safer than the train.
"The river above Peekskill is beautiful but misty. The Lady Cliff Academy for Girls, just below Garrison - is gorgeously situated - almost too good to be true. Like a castle on the Rheine - only Catholic."

If you tried, I hope you were able to make more sense than I was - readbale or not, I still think this time piece is a work of art.

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