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Thursday, July 17, 2014

A New Word For the Future...Or Not (1940's)

I love this partial ad from Bell and Howell. It's a cool graphic depicting their new technology. However, if you have to explain the derivation of the name, then you may have out-smarted your audience. 

Or under-whelmed them. It's a Mashup. (Big deal  Mash + Up.) Sadly, the word looks more like Option+ ics, which doesn't sound very technical.

Sorry "Optionics," you didn't make it to the future, unless you consider my shout-out to it today. I don't think Bell and Howell really made it to the future either, someone is using their name, but not as they might have predicted. It's cheap electronic gadgets being sold under the name these days. I recall they made an awesome 16mm projector back in the day.

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