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Sunday, July 13, 2014

From Within the Tin...A Treasure!

Who doesn't love a mystery? A top genre in movies and books it seems we can get enough mystery in our lives. I know I can't. So much so, in fact, that I need to go out each weekend to discover something I don't know.
A tin full of treasure

An estate sale is just the trick to scratch that itch. The way I like to do this is to find something at a sale that is like a microcosm of the sale itself. Usually I prefer a box of old papers, but when none can be found I will look for the odd drawer or tin full of ???
Treasure revealed
When I got this home, I'll admit that it didn't look like much. The tin is interesting and has about 80-90 years of mileage on it. Then I remembered, I'm supposed to be this archeologist of the urban flavor. So, I began peeling away the items.
You have to dig for treasure
 It didn't take long before I found something to be hopeful about...
A gold chain, I hope
But under that was something even better...

 The Springfield Street railway ran from 1901 - 1927 in Massachusetts. The fare cost a nickel, but despite the great price, these trolleys and street cars were eventually replaced by the bus.  You can read a very long-winded report from 1917 all about it here

Moral: Leave no tin lid un-turned.

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