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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Old Ads and Current Events: First the Ukraine now Pabst!?

With the news this week of a Russian company buying Pabst Brewery, I couldn't resist my own spin when I found this ad from a 1936 issue of the New Yorker.
Is this a move by Putin as retaliation for the latest sanctions? Truthfully, I didn't know Pabst still existed. I had collected beer cans in my teens, so I will always have a a soft spot for the old guard of American mass brewers.

I like the coincidence that this is an ad for Pabst "Export" beer.  Nice piece of foreshadowing as Pabst has now been "exported" to Russia. I will have to try this brew, after reading a few reviews I am hearing that for the price it is not bad. Not a glowing review, but if you are cost conscious, finding a good Sunday dinner beer is sometimes a challenge.

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