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Sunday, September 14, 2014

On Tour: New City, NY "Sharing the stories of Urban Archeology"

This post is an indication that the enjoyment I get not only comes from finding, holding, and researching my discoveries, but also by sharing them.  The more I can connect with readers, the more I learn about what I have found and what has yet to be found.

September 13th, I was happy to be the guest speaker at the New City Public Library. I was given an hour to share as much as I could about my weekend obsession for finding artifacts and stories form the past.

Every time I give one of these presentations I come away with more information and a better understanding of why I love to search and share. The New City audience was chock full of experience. Some members of the audience had experienced first-hand the very subjects I was covering. 
Sharing the story of an 80 year old train journey, which took place in this region of NY

After the talk I provided time for questions and answers, and after that, many audience members stayed to chat with me personally.  These talks are more of an exchange because I learn as much from the audience as they do from me. It's a sweet deal.

I have several speaking engagements scheduled in the coming months. The next one, which is free and open to the public (With a suggested donation toward a Senior Center Van) will be in Roxbury, CT  3pm in the Town Hall.  To find out about arranging to have me visit your location email: uagregva(at)gmail.com

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