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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Did JFK and Marilyn Monroe Share the Same Bed? (Video)

Not exactly click bait, because this story surrounds the passing of a small hotel in New Milford, Connecticut where many celebrities shared a bed - though maybe not at the same time - and you can take a walk through it at an upcoming estate sale.  When you go, be sure to check out room 22 - Marilyn Monroe slept there...

Here is my video preview of the sale:

The Homestead Inn started out as a large home just off New Milford’s famous green built in 1852 by John Prime Treadwell. After serving three generations of Treadwells it changed hands twice to become the property of Mary Philpot in 1928. Mary converted the home into The Homestead Inn and ran it until 1977! For many years it was considered the leading hotel in the area.

The Homestead Inn did well as a stopping off point for visitors of patients at the New Milford Hospital across the street, and parents of students of the prestigious private school - Canterbury - on the hill above the Inn, as well as the occasional traveling salesman. The Inn was also useful to sightseers exploring the picturesque Housatonic  region. It was a diminutive mainstay of the area. 

Changing owners in 1977, the Inn keep rolling along modernizing and maintaining while still keeping the charm of an old New England home. The large front room and dining area abounded with huge double hung windows and gave visitors the opportunity to lounge and read or walk around the longest green in Connecticut. 

The Inn changed hands two more times landing in the care of Bill and Sherry Greenman in 2003. Unfortunately, these would be the last owners to run the Homestead Inn. In 2014, Bill Greenman passed away and though Sherry continued on, it was recently announced that the family would close the Homestead Inn. The Inn is now closed for good and much of the contents will be sold. 

The estate sale, run by Just In Antiques and More, is schedule for the last weekend in April and if you want to walk through an historic Inn that saw guests like Joseph and Ethel Kennedy (there to see John gradate from the Canterbury School), Marilyn Monroe, Vladimir Horowitz, Leopold Stowkowski, Frederick March and many more, this is your last chance. 

Maybe someone will step in at the last moment and save this icon of a simpler life and that a picturesque town like New Milford can be home to the Homestead Inn once again. 


  1. We called it a Maypole and it was the greatest fun. No broken bones. I was just telling my grandkids about this recently. I am so blessed to have grown up in the 50's and 60's. The age of computers is fantastic but what we have lost because of progress is a loss to mankind.

  2. I found him here -


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