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Thursday, April 30, 2015

It may be Dinky but it's still mine...

I'm still learning the ins and outs of Instagram and the whole picture cropping thing is making me minor-ly mental.  Until I upgrade my phone I think I am stuck with whatever I can get for any image captured while out on the hunt.  

This is the Dinky Toys "Scout Car" I found it in  a great hiding place for toys - a box of old toy trains.     I remember that while I played with one type of toy, I would often introduce other kinds of toys in the mix. I think I used to call it imagination. I don't know what the kids call it today.

If these were my trains I would have expected to see a number of crippled plastic soldiers as well, but when I saw this Dinky Toy, I remembered what playtime in the basement was like...INCOMING!!!! KAPOW!! BAM!! CRASH!! KABOOM!!!

Dinky toys were a British manufacturer's product with a long history and great detail that collectors look for today. If you see one of them don't keep walking - pick it up and appreciate the detail and the potential value.  Even in this condition the Scout Car is worth about $10 dollars more that I paid for it ($1.00).


It may be Dinky but it's still mine... #vintagetoys #dinkytoys

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