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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Found Photos of Ellsworth White

Recently, I have been all about found photos, not just because I found some; no, I found significant photos that document points in our nation's history. But there were also photos from typical family collections. Photography as a hobby was growing from the early 20th century as photo paper and cameras became less expensive.
 That leads us to Ellsworth White. No, that's not him. This was shot in 1922 when Ellsworth was 18. A serious interest in photography was clear and Ellsworth would not only pose shot, but light them and document them as well. Look at the back of the photo-
This is the writing of a meticulous and serious hobbyist. If only all photographers did this. Unfortunately the only thing missing is a description of the surest and the radio he is posed with. Any readers want to guess?  Here is the camera he used.
Ellsworth eventually moved to Troupsburg New York, became a dairy farmer, Joined the Masons and the Order of the Eastern Star. He moved to Florida in 1970 and died there at the age of 78 in 1986.

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