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Friday, May 29, 2015

The Italian Police are Looking for You (early 20th century)

I have tried to research the age of this card - which comes courtesy of Canadian Pacific Cruise - but I lost the trail. Most every search comes up with the more well-known "Carbinieri." The uniforms have similarities, but I am going with the caption that these are police and not military police.

This was meant to be a souvenir postcard and maybe a simple educational tool for their European cruises so that tourists would recognize the police if necessary. This is a real photograph because the back of the card says so.

There is a way to date postcards, usually from the space for the stamp, but being that this was of Canadian issue, it may take a Canadian to make an official guess. 

If you know more about the date of the postcard or the image, please share it in the comments.

1 comment:

  1. The men with visor hats are "Vigili Urbani" (City Police) of Naples.
    The others two with bicorn hats are "Carabinieri".
    We are in 20s or early 30s.
    In 1936 Vigili Urbani of Naples were abolished and replaced by a special department of State Police called "Metropolitani" (Metropolitan police).
    Vigili Urbani were reconstituted in Naples in 1955.


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