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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

44 cents to mail a letter! It used to be 2 cents!

Having only a couple of flea markets to chose from in this area (one year round, and one seasonal) pickings can get mighty slim for an Urban Archeologist, especially when there are no estate sales or major digs to be found. Fleas are great, but a last resort, because in effect the things there have already been found. You have to look a little harder and the messier the booth the better.

 Only very few of the dealers are the ones who perform the whole-house, whole-attic, or whole-garage kind of services during the week so they can stock their regular booth locations on the weekend.

So, during the 10 or so Sundays I visit the flea, do I ever come across something really good. But, I guess that's what this obsession is all about. How many sweeps of the Atlantic did Ballard make before he found the Titanic?

This envelope contained more than I can put in one post, but after so many sweeps of so many dealers it was nice to dig through the bottom of a box and pull out this letter. I didn't look through it, I knew it was old and by the thickness I knew there was a variety of items within. I just handed it to the dealer and in my best poker face I asked, "How much?" His response after taking a peek, "Ehh, 2 bucks." Sold! The receipt alone to me was great.

My next post will reveal more treasure from this old envelope.

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