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Monday, February 23, 2009

Dumpsters Are a Grime of Opportunity

I vow not to align myself with any political party or faction and subject my readers to the blathering of liberal or conservative claptrap. That is my campaign promise to you.
So, what's with all the republican talk, you're wondering?
When I am on the hunt, I don't actually plan to dumpster dive, if there is a dumpster on site it indicates that the sale may be a true clear-out. I will be able to look anywhere in the house, if the home is 50 years or older then I may be able to find something that hasn't seen the light of day in a long time. 

There's no shame in DD because personal experience has taught me that things get put in dumpsters that definitely should not. Now, there are those who are not afraid to hang around the Office Max dumpster looking for treasure, but that's not for me.

It was on top of a full dumpster that I found this mug, so there was no diving involved, but had this  item been deeper, yes, I would have dived. It was in pieces when I found it: Broken handle, and the cup in 2 or 3 sections. Still, it caught my eye. Finding all the parts, I carefully lifted it out and placed it on the floor of my car where it wouldn't degrade further. A little glass cleaner and some epoxy later, it now holds all the pens on my desk.

This piece of Republican memorabilia took a beating and was still able to be put back together. Hmmm.... maybe some where far off there is hope for the two-party system

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