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Sunday, March 29, 2009

This is going on your permanent record!!!

The danger in writing a Blog is that in each post the author must risk revealing a part of themselves. To avoid this would make the reading dull, like a novel with no character development. I don't expect visitors to know me from my profile, that's like judging a house by looking at the mailbox. Writing a public blog is a lot of work, for example, this post is in it's 2nd rewrite. In the blogs that I follow (see the right hand side of the page) most have 2 or more regular contributors, add to that the occasional guest blogger and the workload gets kind of spread out. In my case, I have to get over the fact that I can't post every night (at least in 300 words or less, before 2am), so I must be satisfied with posting once a week, twice a week if I am lucky. Not for a lack of material (trust me), it is my own internal battle with quality control. I don't want to just post my inventory of "finds", I want to use the medium to tell a story and possibly enjoy reading it myself.
So, in honor of the timing of my daughter's kindergarten report card (we're still waiting for it to arrive....sheesh!) Here is a revealing look at a point in my formative years:
Ahh, good old East View, when you could still walk to school if you wanted to, and all you had to worry about during the shortcut through a back alley was a few feral cats and their kittens. Peter Van Toll and I actually caught a few of the kittens. He was a junior humanitarian, I was already looking for an excuse to "dig" in someone's garage. Word of caution: I wouldn't recommend to the untrained any attempt at a capture of either cat or kitten ala feral. Trying to capture a feral kitten is like trying to stop a table fan covered in razor blades with your bare hands. Not a good idea.

I was only in 7th grade and my mind was already drifting from my studies. I was becoming a...a..hmmm....rebel?...badass?....How did my seventh grade Art teacher put it?(Click to enlarge)
That's me "The edge of mischief" look out for me, world. I could go at any moment. I'm on the edge baby. One wrong step, one mis-folded paper, one crooked scissor cut and I am full blown mischievousness personified. I love the way Mrs Cole put that, "Greg worked long and hard and well (like the 3 could ever be separate) until after the report card went out, and then he "fell apart." Wow, it sounds as if I must have had some kind of breakdown.

Edge of Mischief - sounds like a Disney soap opera. As I recall, nothing ever came of this warning. I got back in the groove of whatever art project I was supposed to complete and found a different medium in which to express my rebellious ways.

Speaking of that - Coming Soon! The age of rebellion manifests itself in every generation. Here is proof of that from my generation, and a tease for the next post:

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  1. A category of Report Card "behaviors" was the following killer words....Utilizes his time wisely.
    There was not a wide enough ink drawl to show that I was completely violating this rule whose underlying assumption was that seemingly random behavior was perilously close to original sin. I've been "here" since the wee hours of the morning so perhaps there is something to be said about the forecasting acumen of a fourth grade teacher writing in the 1950's at Mesita Elementary (El Paso, Texas)


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