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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I found some old cards in a scrap book at an estate sale years back that held my interest long enough to make it to this post.  Beyond today they will probably go with the gifts I am giving tomorrow. Not this Disney card. This one I'll hang on to because everything Disney seems to just appreciate in value. This one is from a while back:

I'll save you a trip to the cabinet for your microscope - 1935.  I thought this card would be appropriate as the nephew of Walt Disney - Roy Disney, died 9 days ago. There is plenty to read about him on Wikipedia so go here.   I had thought that this was Walt's brother, nope. However, the family resemblance is definitely there. They have an elfish or impish look about them that seems to fit well with the legacy of the name.  This 75 year old card was only about 5 years into the Disney studio machine and the early determination to brand the icon and protect it, even back then, seems prophetic.

 If you want to revive a saggy or non-existent economy, invent something that uses creative energy is relatively inexpensive to mass produce yet gives pleasure to the giver and receiver.  Greeting cards must have done a lot for many different industries paper, retail, artists, etc. and that it has endured says something as well. This next example was just sitting in a basement and though I never intend to collect random things the completeness and quality got me. It's a composite creation so bear with me if you don't immediately get the effect (click on it to see).

These are only some of the samples in the box, but they look untouched, and again, as I often lament in post after post - I can only guess at the age of these - 30s? 40s? maybe?
In closing, and before I sleep through the big day, I will leave you with this:

Your visits to this blog have been a gift that I can't repay. Your comments and feedback are the reason I keep on keepin' on. Merry Christmas and hope to "see" you next post.  Greg

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  1. Merry Christmas Greg, and once again I enjoy the conversational tone of your posts. It's as though you're leading me through an attick with a Santa hat on.


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