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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Orna-mints...they keep your tree smelling fresh!

One year a local AM radio show discussing holiday decorations shared callers suggestions on unique decorating tips. Someone thought it would be a neat idea to put hooks on lifesavers and hang them from the tree. Later that same month the local emergency room was over-run with hook extractions.

Some people just couldn't put a good idea down.

More Christmas memories for you to review.  For those of you that follow in your family's tradition of putting up a tree and hanging ornaments and other decorations - how many have that one (or more) box of ornaments that should have been retired long ago? We do. While downsizing my mother-in-laws home this summer my wife collected some of the ornaments she remembered as a child. Not just the ornaments though.

There's a thousand other ways to store ornaments that would preserve them into the next millennium, but no one could bear to take the first step and toss this sad box.  I'm glad.  I just wish I knew what year it was.  My guess would be mid to late 40's.  If you really want to know more about Max Eckard and Sons, and the "Shiny-Brite" line of decorations go here.  I was hooked by the graphic on the box:

Apparently, up to this point Christmas ornaments were made in Germany or Japan. Well, with a war on, Santa's got to be directed to side with the good guys, right?  Must have been that North Pole Treaty FDR signed, or maybe it was the Arctic-Accord?  Ah, memories.  It is sad to think who's shaking hands with Santa now (pardon the brand-bashing).  


Coming Soon!  Is Mickey Mouse gay? (well, he is in a good mood.)

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