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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?.......Wanna be?

After just reading about the 10 weirdest pieces of unclaimed luggage  on a site I recommend called Mental Floss, I realized that tag sales are not unlike the unclaimed baggage section at an airport. The items I see are often an eclectic mix of the bizarre and uncommon, and are now, no longer claimed by their owners.  In an estate sale situation, this is sometimes the baggage the owner wasn't able to take with them (which is why Egyptians now make so much more sense to me - those pyramids weren't monuments, those were just folks rich enough to be buried in their garages with all their cool stuff.) Because I like old paper, I often come across  this  unclaimed baggage, part of the human drama of life. Here is a piece of luggage, minus the drama.

It is difficult to pass up briefcases, they are always worth taking a peek inside. Often the receptacle for important papers and records, they also can contain complete kits for sales or business presentations. They aren't always full, but this one was:

This is a complete Wechsler Adult Intelligence Test kit, better known as the WAIS-R for determining the IQ of an adult.  I had only an inkling of what it was when I opened it in the basement of a Ridgefield CT sale.  It looked complete and worth exploring at home . Here is a diagram of the contents:

The one who has gotten the most enjoyment from this has been my daughter. Since she was 4 she has been playing with the puzzles and can now do them rather quickly.  I can't wait for the day when she is given a test like this and leaves the examiners with their jaws hanging. Now, even though she's had the advantage of cheati, I mean practicing.  Are you ready to play....

Object Assembly Puzzle:
 - Arrange the pieces to form a complete object

Answer after the Jump (actually, there is no jump, Blogger only allows one jump per post, just try not to peek at the answers, OK?)

O.K So you're feeling pretty good about yourself....Now quickly, tell me -  What is missing in the next picture?

Answer after the jump (OK, still no jump here either, but one is coming, I promise):

If you guessed : The other 51 cards, you may be a genius, but not on this planet.  It was, of course, the tax stamp required by the IRS on all playing cards (If you guessed the 9th diamond, give yourself a point.)

O.K. here's the one that separates the Ivy league-ers from the State collegians: Ready?
These pictures tell a story when assembled in the right order. Re assemble and write down the new number sequence (Hint: the answer is NOT 1,2,3,4,).

Jump (for real!) to see the answer! (after you have guessed)

If you thought the story was about a cross-dressing fugitive being hunted down by Gender-shifting law enforcement personnel, well, your IQ won't be measured by a number, unless you consider a fraction to be a number.

Yes, the answer is 4,3,1,2.  It took me a little while to get this one only because I had to stop what I was doing and go watch "The Fugitive" again, to get the order right.

Congratulations! You have completed the Intelligence test. My assessment is that after reading most of my posts, you have a highly developed sense of the banal, and clearly nothing better to do with your time.  You have my highest recommendation to go and head-but a rocket scientist. No, really, if you enjoyed this post, please comment - it's totally painless.

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