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Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Salt 'n Battery

I was originally going to title this post after the ad line above, "I was bound and gagged and left to die!" truly sensational. When I realized that sodium is used in the creation of early batteries as well as some of the larger new ones being developed, well, my quest for the lowest pun is one closer to that mark and the title of this post was born.   Anyway,  click on the ad above to read the harrowing tale of a man left to die after being robbed of everything, but his flashlight.  One thing I enjoy in my explorations is to find an ad for something unique or familiar and dated, and then try to find the actual object (or the other way around).  While digging around at an estate sale this Fall, during a battle I posted about with a drawer that wouldn't open.  I managed to pull out some interesting items, one of which was this ad above from this magazine below:

This "Field and Stream" is from '41 and as you might imagine, the battery ad is just one of the great ads from within. Getting back to my search for the physical match to the paper items I find along the way - In August, a friend gave me a couple of old batteries that I posted about here, and once I saw the ad I knew I had to dig these up again.

I don't think a battery will ever save my life, I think I would be happy if it was able to do what it could just to extend it's own. 

Anyway, I've always wanted to do a cover for Field and Stream, but my skill as a cartoonist isn't quite developed yet, so this might be a more fitting end.

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  1. Very interesting piece. Couldn't the injured man just have busted open the battery and thrown it at his attackers, the volatile contents killing them instantly?


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