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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Post Cards from the Edge...of the early 20th Century (Part 1)

As teased in my last post, I found an estate sale that wasn't really a dig.  Hundreds of old books - 19th century and up - moved from somewhere else and for sale in a large barn in Redding CT. With the sheer number and disorganization I was surprised to find what I consider a prize.
The cover is faded and the condition is poor and the specks of green are either the color this once was, or mold that has taken the place of the once vibrant color, but in this case, cover-schmuver! Inside were 44 post cards from around 1905, all from Connecticut (except 1 or 2) and all sent to one person in my town! Now, here I am in Redding, but what are the odds I will pick up a single book and find local history, really local history, for the sum of $10?  Priceless!

The bulk of the cards are of various locations in New Haven, and the rest are scattered around the State.
This one has an interesting note: "Flora (sp)- I expect to stay here until Wed. and when I reach Clara's shall expect a letter from you.  Ret. " Seems rather demanding, but it could have been he was waiting for an answer to a question...Many of these cards have the last name of the recipient vary from Odell to Sagendorf. 

Stay tuned for next time as we try to unravel the continuing saga of Florence and her demanding beau...

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