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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Post Cards from the Edge...of the early 20th Century (Part 2)

This is just a brief post to show a couple of the Yale post cards that came in the album I found in Redding. The images are in fine condition despite being written on.  Some post cards seem to have been designed to send merely as a "Hello", or a "Yup, This is where I am."  as the space to write anything is severely hampered. Seems that Twitter, in one form or another has been around for quite some time. The dining hall at Yale must have been some spot to eat.(click to enlarge)

I expected it had been torn down or re-purposed in the last 100 years, but no.
I Like how the 2 shots were taken from just about the same angle.  Seems the only thing that's changed are the servers, who now stand behind steam trays, instead of tables. These next 2 are of Woolsey Hall, home of the Yale Symphony and pipe organ. First, in 1905:
And present day:
Some things never change.

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