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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Perfect Gifts: 3 days and 74 years too late

Well, now that Christmas is over, this is a fine time to be coming out with a list of the "Must have" toys. However, this list is a little more than 3 days late.  As a continuation of the last post, which focused primarily on a scantily clad young lady and the faux-controversy of the a magazine's staff to put her there. I now bring you the article that contains many of the toys I would grab if I could just get that time-machine going.
Clicking on the article may expand it to a  readable size - The magazine is falling apart as I scan it, so no promises. After just finishing up trying to assemble and understand all the toys AVA was inundated with, this article provides some real perspective.  Times haven't changed;  some of these relics seem as equally complicated for the time and likely mystified the parents as to why their child would be interested in such a thing. Microscopes, erector sets, and my favorite the Lionel Plane, tethered, that takes off and lands. Reminds me of the Verti-bird toy helicopter that a friend had and I lusted after...
Click on the box to read the Wikipedia article
    Both seem to provide an adequate simulation of the excitement of flying...for a kid anyway.  Today's it's all done with computers, not the same. If you ever happen to see a verti-bird, don't let it go. They are selling for a good price on Ebay, and I am sure the same is true for the Lionel plane, though I doubt any can be found in working condition.

So I don't come across as sexist, there were plenty of choices for toys for the girls in 1936. This next image is a scan of the opposite page of the article.  Not a 50-50 split for both genders, but who says trains are for boys only?

Well, there you have it - my wish list for 2011. I hope to have maybe a piece of one of these items after shopping at some of the finest estate establishments which only seem to open on the weekends. Wish me luck.

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