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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Articles of Conflagration

This is the Estate sale find that keeps paying off.  Tucked in all the Post Cards were 3 articles from a 1933 newspaper (or earlier). My apologies in advance to visitors from out of town, who may find these boring. I, however, think they are - how do the kids say it these days? -kewl.  I will try to appeal to a more general audience with future posts. For now, read and enjoy the benediction of refuse.  This first one is inflammatory based on the remarks made by townsfolk over Edna Ferber's portrayal of Brookfield-ites as mostly "poles."  You may need to click to read.
 This one should put the fires out, though I found this funny because parts of town are dealing with water quality issues (which isn't funny at all), but this spring would seem to be the answer to all their problems.

 I enjoyed this one because outside visitors are appalled at the condition of Brookfield Public Schools and the Minister walks out on graduation because of it.  Does that mean they don't graduate?

Thanks for reading (if you were able to)!

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