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Friday, March 4, 2011

Ad Quiz #3 What breakfast product will save Billy from bad parenting?

I was almost tempted to add a cartoon balloon to this image, because little Billy definitely has the "Oh Sh**!" look on his face. The part of the image I like best is that someone let him play with a hammer and nails and now he may have nailed his hand to the box. Actually, it looks as though the nails are pointing up!.  So, can you guess what will save Billy from being confiscated by DCF and his idiot parents from being thrown in jail for child abuse?  (CLICK ON "READ MORE" TO SEE THE SOLUTION AND STOP ME FROM YELLING!)

OK, so the answer is Cream of Wheat. I had no idea that COW was so in tune with parenting. The seem to know just when and how Billy is most vunerable...other than when he's shooting a commercial for Cream of Wheat, that is.  They know he's not really a toddler, no, he's now living in what they call:
That's right, "The Danger Years."  I guess I never realized that the main ingredient in Cream of Wheat is FEAR. No wonder why it tastes funny to me.

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  1. Like this post! Remember when the CREAM OF RICE box used to say... (and I'm not kidding) -- "perfect for invalids and shut-ins"--- my favorite cereal copy of all time!


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