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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ad Quiz #5 A woman's place is...on vacation

This one may be easy to figure out, or not. It is wrong on more than one level. Setting aside that I am completely foiling the context by laughing at something from more than 85 years ago (Hey, my blog. my rules.) I am also finding that the opening line is difficult to unravel. Here comes the clue:
Name the product if you can...but along the way, figure out the grammar and the message.  So, the line above is in response to the presumption that "Wives should not be allowed to take vacations?"  I get it. It's the 20's and the prevailing stereotypical assertion may be that her place is in the home. Now, explain why Vacation is in quotations.  Because it is not a vacation, but something else? Furlough? Coffee Break? Maybe it's just a break from all the beatings:
Well, there I've given it away. If you want to see the whole ad you will have to click READ MORE and take a "vacation" from this post.

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