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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ad Quiz # 10 Solution - with Nervine: You'll love to see the children torture the dog!

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I am having a little difficulty writing what should be a simple post of the solution to ad quiz #10. The solution comes from an ad in a medical almanac (read: promotional advertisement in booklet form). Before I go into a short history of almanacs here's cover of the Almanac, which is also the solution to the quiz:

Almanacs have been around since cave paintings, and maybe more accurately - Stonehenge. Medical almanacs have been published in the U.S. since the 18th century. Click here for a price list and more covers. I could have included any one of a number of ads from this almanac from Miles Laboratories. They are all great. Miles is best know for Alka Seltzer which began selling in 1931 and exists now as a subsidiary of Bayer (sales of 1.1billion-wow!)
 The ad I chose I thought was funny because of the depiction of the families.

Mad Mom - Music hating, Joy bashing, end-of-her-rope.
Calm Mom with tortured pup.
I think they may have confused their own intent of the ad. While it isn't a true "Before and After" comparison, more a "Mom on Pharmaceuticals"  "Mom not on Pharmaceuticals." 
It looks like the same family, instrument banging, happy kids, but the ages of the kids has switched and mom looks younger too, of course. The dog is exactly the same - unless this was the standard-issue dog of the mid 1930's (maybe other domestic breeds didn't come along until Miles laboratories began mixing effervescence with canine gene-splicing - Naw!)  Regardless, the poor dog is clearly the loser in this scenario. Look at him. Sensitive doggie eardrums now pierced by the blast of the boy's horn as he looks up to calm mom with an innocent plea to add some Dr Miles Nervine to his dog chow. 
Poor Rex, he's gonna need a sedative. Maybe they should re-name him "Rx."
Did you know? Worldwide sales of veterinary health products are expected to hit $43.6 billion in 2014, up from $28.5 billion in 2006, according to market-research firm Kalorama Information Inc.

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