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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ad Quiz #11 Die! Hippie! Die! SOLUTION

Sports Illustrated 1969....ah, times were different.  Actually, no they weren't. Parents are still trying to mold and shape their progeny in to what they feel is best for them, and progeny are in constant search of how to avoid such mold. And on and on it goes.
The imagery here is fantastic. Who is reading this Sports Illustrated magazine? Must be dad. He's the bread winner with he clean close shave. Is this really a likely point of appeal for the man who needs a new shaver? I guess "No." My theory is that this represents the feeling of the middle-aged male toward every counter-culture hippie yippee subversive in 1969. Their antics are being covered in the press, they're the ones getting all the attention and the reason this country is headed for Hades in a Longaberger.  So, what better attention grabbing image could a Mad Ave exec put in front of dear old dad other than this guilty pleasure to exemplify what he may be really feeling deep down inside.  I don't know if this sold a lot of Sunbeams that year, but I'm sure it got a lot of good chortles.

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