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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Links-giving!

Today is a good day to turn off the computer (after reading this post) and spend time with something that breathes, has a heartbeat...and eat something that breathed and had a heartbeat...you get the idea. Unless you're a vegan and then you may be happy alone with your salad.  I am taking the day off to help cook Thanksgiving dinner. Actually, I am just going to try to stay out of the way and call in audibles from the sidelines - which will be ignored until I fall asleep on the couch. My sedative of choice?  Dark meat and this beer:
I do have a really good story about cool finds and tag sales in November, so good in fact I wrote it into one of my weekly columns I have been creating for the Patch. It's about coincidences, and finds, and digs, and it very much involves this fellow here and his song.

Take a look at my story behind this poster here. Then come on back and go here to to see a live performance of that song at the Guthrie Theater in 2005.  After all that, please let me extend my sincerest thanks for visiting this site and to the links on the left, many of you who have come here from site owners posting my updates or referring me in other ways - I am thankful for them as well. Have a great Holiday.

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