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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Practical Embalming...It's the only way.

Same sale in which I found the Order of the Owls, I also found this map of New Haven from 1896. Unfortunately its condition is such that it may not survive any more scanning that just the 2 images you see here.
The map really has no indication of what it is a map of until you unfold it (carefully). These ads were eye catchers as I have always like the way those who deal in exit strategies for the human corpse still have to create ads that sound normal to the living. Though I am not sure, "Practical Embalming" has to do with following methods that are inline with a set of standards and practices established either by local laws or an embalmer's association.  More, but not too much more than you want to know.
As I said, this map could probably take one more unfolding and that would be it. If you would like a special part of the city copied, let me know and I will try.

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