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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nose Bleeds: Nature's Cure for Headaches!

I had a wonderful time on vacation, though my blog ranking may have suffered due to my absence. While in Florida I was able to find a true tropical dig. Here is the first post on 2 very old books I discovered on Seamanship.
  From 1930, this was an essential piece of reference for members of the crew to know by heart.  The name "La Paz" was stamped inside along with a scribble that it belonged to the 2nd officer. The "La Paz" was one of many ships belonging to the Pacific Steam Navigation Company and was launched in 1920. The only other record was that it was Torpedoed in 1942 off the coast of Florida scrapped and sold to US agents. Interestingly, this may explain how this book ended up in Florida.

The pages of Regulations were fun to flip through.

You may need to click on each to read the rules, but if you want to keep the ship upright, you'd better do it. Take a look at  the next post: The Ship Captain's Medical Guide. To make sure you don't miss any future posts click the "Follow me" button or "View My Complete Profile" and send me an email. Here's part of what you could be missing...

Ewww! What's next?  Leeches!?

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