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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

1854: The Indian Races of New England

I don't often know what to do when I find a really old book. The value may be high, but that doesn't mean it will bring that price. I am usually more interested with what's inside...preferably the bits of stuff that gets stuck in the pages for safe keeping. This book, which came from a Southbury sale this past weekend, didn't have anything tucked between the pages.  Actually, it was the pages that were a real "find".
 The tome was titled:

 I have seen books like this at other sales, usually they are $80 or more. This one was a dollar. It was in poor condition with loose boards and a damaged spine which probably made that 1$ price tag an accurate estimate of its worth. To me, it was a cheap opportunity to get a look at some local history through the eyes of a mid 19th century historian.
 These hand tinted images are great to look at for their detail, but we'll never know if they are accurate, that may have to wait until someone perfects the time machine.

 This last image is my favorite, which depicts the genuine instability of life for early colonists. Of all the humorous church signs the one I would like to see on the church lawn - Bring Your Guns To Church! - get ready to circle the pews! 

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  1. I believe the Danbury Library had this volume in its collection and I'm sure it was tossed after the fire a few years back. It was an absolutely marvelous resource for anyone interested in the histories of North and South American natives. Enjoy the read.

    Francis A. Daley


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