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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

You say...Havana, and I say Habana..

In a box of old papers ( i will call it the Victor Cromwell collection) I found an interesting invitation. I have written about Cuba before, thanks to a wonderful piece of breweriana:
 You can read the post that accompanies this post card here. This time around I was more interested in Cuba around the time of the revolution. I found an invitation to the Habana Yacht Club. I would like to know who invited Victor to Cuba to be a guest for a day at this posh establishment.
Havana pre revolution

On May 25th, 1952 the invitation offers all the privileges to the invitee to enjoy the Casa Club Playa del Mairianao, which I can't figure out. The Marianao was another club supposedly started by members of the Habana Yacht Club. Because the country is soon in turmoil there is not a lot I can find on the club, other than it is still standing but boarded up today.
Habana Yacht Club
 If you know more about the Habana Yacht Club please share it in the comments. I would especially like to know who sent the invitation.

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