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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ad Quiz #21 What's your Brand? (Now with Solution!)

Of all the oddball claims made by products over the years, one of my favorites has to be how smoking is good for you. Today's ad quiz asks you only to guess the brand. Can you? (By the way, smokers who wish to guess will be held back while non-smokers are given a head start...out of fairness.)
Solution is below..Click READ MORE

I admit it is an ad in pretty crummy condition, but as bad as it is I'll never tire of here a cigarette maker claim their product aids in digestion, or prolongs life, or can be found at the center of the universe, etc., etc.
The way the text copy reads in this ad is nothing short of hilarious.
Salad...then a Camel....dinner...another Camel....aperitif...Camel....dessert...more Camels....mint with your check...Camel...nice pee in the restaurant potty...Camel...Camel...another Camel.  Geez! How many nails in your coffin do you need in one night? 

My other favorite piece of text is the list of socialites who find digestive satisfaction in a good long suck on Camel...
I Googled just one of these to see if they were made up. I mean come on...Mrs Brookfield Van Rensselaer? I'm from Brookfield, but I wouldn't name my daughter that! All the other names sound like they could be famous and it turns out the are. Using the rich and connected relatives (Wives daughters) famous and inherited to be famous is an old scheme for getting the commoners to follow in their footsteps. Yes Mrs Van Rensselaer is real and there are Camel ads that feature just her. There is also a good NYT article on the use of socialites in advertising that mentions her. 

Oh, and if you are one of my smoker-friends...please stop...would like to have you around as long as possible.

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