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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gadgetology 101 - A little box with a lot of detail...

If you're visiting for the first time WELCOME!  Please look around.  I will be posting another great find this afternoon.   ~gva

Here's a nifty item. Desperate to find something interesting and standout at a recent sale I came across this on a dresser. Pillboxes don't usually interest me, but this one had character. 
 After playing with the doors I figured that it wasn't a pillbox, or at least that wasn't its only purpose.
 2 compartments that snap closed.
 The smaller compartment separated but again into 2 different sizes
 Finally, a clue! Writing stamped into the case
"Colgate & CO New York, USA" this should seal the deal. So it's a small tooth care kit with powdered dentifrice on one side and a lasso of floss on the other? Yes? Colgate made a lot of different products, not just tooth care.
The case seems ornate with a square piece on the top of one of the doors that might have been for a monogram. It seems like tin and not stainless or silver that was painted at least one color that looks very olive drab. Is this another hint?
 But wait! There's more. On the large compartment there is a nib extending to the inside, and it isn't there to make the clasp work.
 And a little indentation on the inside more like the clasp reciever, or to maintain gentle pressure. I lift on the nib, and....pop!
Another clue? Why would this tray be necessary? And what is that residue in both sides? left over tooth powder? It seems more like corrosion and dirt as though this was buried and recovered...like from a fox hole? I have to stop looking at this tiny box because I keep seeing more detail. It's a good lesson in gaining perspective and not make snap judgements. Without taking more pictures I can see there are small retaining clips on the underside of each door. The small one is empty, the large one is holding a piece of metal different from the rest of the box....well you can officially carve my epitaph, " He died of curiosity"

Come on Internet! I am counting on you to help me figure this one out.


  1. Hmmm... it's not quite the same, but maybe a clue: not dental care but maybe a shaving kit?

  2. Just stumbled here. Read about an estate sale up in New Milford. Would love to know when the next one is. My husband is the presidentof our local archeology club. Arthur DeMattio

  3. Did you ever find out what this was?

  4. It's for a book of matches.
    I have one in good shape if anyone finds this comment and would like photos my email is rustyshriver14@gmail.com


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