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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

All your 1933 mixing needs - lady of the house

Old cookbooks from manufacturers are pretty common and I won't pick them up unless there's a really good looking ad right in the center fold. 
I realize this was a complementary give away for an appliance store or department store, but if you bought it don't you think this ad would be really loud and redundant? "I know already! I bought the damn thing!"

There was an updated price sticker that had a really great fine print notice to it:
If you're West of Denver...sorry. It's gonna cost you more to have us ship this over the Rockies.
In all I'd say this is a handsome mixer, but I think they should have hid the name of the manufacturer completely - Chicago Flexible Shaft Company? Really?

1 comment:

  1. "Hey baby.. wanna see my Chicago Flexible Shaft"?

    Yeah, the name change to Sunbeam Corp. was a good move. They probably hadn't had a factory in Chicago in decades.


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