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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Scientific American 1880

Just the condition of this 1880 edition of the:
1880 Scientific American Masthead
Was enough to make me feel as though I'd found a treasure, but the cover had a series of the inner workings of a local business:
NY Belting and Packing Co. Newtown carving
The best part about this 130 year old business is that the building is still there. This is what it looked like in at the last part of the 19th century: (Thank you to the CT Historical Society for this image)
NY Belting and Packing Co. Newtown Photo
This is a top view (Updated image coming soon) of how it looks today:
I was equally impressed with the terrific ads in the back pages of the scientific American
Carnegie Steel
 While my favorite may be the urging of Andrew Carnegie to consider the safety and cost effectiveness of Steel over Wood, I have to say, that cigar fan is an odd novelty.
Overall, not a bad purchase for $7.

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