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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

When in Hollywood...Ask for Babs

(EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the 2nd part of an article that I started writing on another site. To read Part One go here.)
Finding this Universal Studio Tour Guide from 1967 made me think of the final scenes of "Animal House."  One of the sorority sisters is stripped to her undies during the parade at the same time all main characters are presented with sub-title descriptions of what happens to them in later life."Babs" goes on to become a Universal City tour guide and to prove it, the movie ends with this card
 Other John Landis directed films carried this same title card at the end, and until 1989 you could get a free or discounted pass at Universal by asking for Babs.

Here is the continuation of the studio tour guide (the paper one, not the female one-sorry) images. 
You can click on any of these for a more readable image. I like the call-outs to the TV series' especially my favorite of the bunch "Dragnet." Question: Did Harry Morgan ever age, or was he born looking like he was 70?
I don't know why "Spartacus" is listed here, unless there is some theater in the world that hasn't shown it 7 years later. 
 If you always wanted to know what a Key-Grip is, well, this useful glossary will have you conversing like a Hollywood producer in no time.

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