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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Guess the Gadget - Steam punk C-Clamp? Or, ...you decide

I was at a good estate sale yesterday, which may not have seemed like a dig, once I got to the basement, my quest was satisfied. There I found a 10' workbench that was clearly the site of many advanced project from the 60 or 70 years.  Although meticulously kept I was still able to find a few treasures. I wish I could remind myself "Self! Take pictures!" I get so wrapped up in talking and searching that I forget to look through the eyes of visitors to this blog.  Here is one piece I picked up, just because of the way it was designed.  
steampunk C-Clamp

The person manning the basement and trying to clean up and sell heavier items had no idea either, though we could both guess. Here are more images, which should help you guess.

If you can provide some background on this, send me a note or leave it in the comments. Me and the rest of the interwebs will be most appreciative. I am already appreciative for Ed who tried to help me with this one, and as I left the basement, he followed and called ahead to his wife, "No Charge!" It turns out these folk I met there in Redding CT, where neighbors back in Brookfield. So glad I can still say "Small world..."


  1. I don't know what it is but I love looking at old tools too. I found your other archived blogs interesting too, esp the video of the preview of the Bethlehem sale. My Mom died in February at the age of 93 and we had her Estate Sale the first weekend in May in Newtown where she'd lived for the past 60 years. I am still trying to sell my grandmother's old gas Glenwood Stove(she died in 1979 at the age of 84) that she used to can/preserve on in the basement in the summer in New Britain. You can see my post on Newtown Patch on the Buy/Sell/Trade board and if you know of anyone interested in that sort of item please contact me there. I am the oldest child of my Mom's 5(I'm 67)children and I took all the boxes of memorabilia from both sides of the family to my home to try to preserve. I love the items from the past too, so I really enjoyed reading your articles/seeing your pictures. Pat Reese


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