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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Let Freedom Ring! It never gets old.

I found these items in the past year one old, one not-so-old, unless you consider 1957 old. They both depict important icons of this nation's importance. I saved them for a holiday post and I hope you enjoy them.
Found at a Danbury sale, the previous owner thought enough of it to keep it this long, I am happy to hold for a little longer. I'm not sure where this pamphlet would have been found, maybe in a state building where applications for citizenship are processed. It is bland but important.
 The most important fact I can provide is that 1 day after her 126th birthday Hurricane Sandy beat the you-know-what out of the 12 acre island. Lady Liberty was not damaged, but everything else was, including nearby Ellis Island. After 59 million in repairs she is officially  re-opening on July 4th to the millions of tourists who visit each year. Ellis Island was in far worse shape and has no immediate plans to re-open.
Take a moment to appreciate what she stands for, despite the reputation others would smear on her, she still means hope and the fulfillment of liberty to individuals who have none.

 This has to be early 20th century and that it has survived this long is amazing. If you hadn't ever seen or sung them, the 3rd and 4th parts are included below. (click for a larger image).
Have a safe and happy fourth of July

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