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Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Secret History Behind the Old Farmhouse

How many times have you driven by a farmhouse that was clearly older than the road it was on and said, "I wonder what's in there?" Well, if you want to take up the hobby of Urban Archeology, I can help you learn how to answer those questions without feeling like a busybody or a burglar.

Such was the case when I found a sale in a nearby town at a very old farm. Once on to the property I was able to get the owner in a good conversation about it's history. I immediately thought, "I should be recording this."  and returned to my car for my camera. Not having the benefit of a full production team, I had to settle for my Canon T2i and the limited footage I could collect as this sale came to a close.

What I did get was a very interesting look back at Connecticut's early history as the American Revolution was beginning.

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