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Saturday, August 24, 2013

This Post is Abe Lincoln Approved (of Alex Lobdell)

When someone says to you "There's a document in here from Abe Lincoln, but I haven't found it." What would you do? That's how excited I was to be able to search through this 150+ year old estate recently.

Having arrived too late to enjoy the invitation-only preview sale, I was doubly fortunate to have a private tour and learn about how it came to the state it was in now- sadly neglected. I fired up my camera and began recording as I walked through.

The document from Abe Lincoln was likely a standard proclamation sanctioning Alexander Lobdell as the new Postmaster for Brewster, NY. I wasn't able to find it, but it if was found it would hopefully end up in the local historical society. 

You can see some of the items from this home at an auction to be held at the Southbury, CT Volunteer Firehouse, 461 Main Street South, October 25th at 6pm. Applebrook Auctions is handling the liquidation of the estate's interior items and you can learn more about them here. 


  1. Well done and very interesting tour and info in your blog. I hope they find the Lincoln letter and the house can be saved!Thanks for sharing! :)


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