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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Mystery of the Glass Negative Continues

It might be hard to believe that something that looks like this:
can be hiding something with incredible detail.

Of all the items I have found over the years this print from the glass negative I found is definitely in my top 10. While speaking to a group at the Norwalk Senior Center a few weeks ago, I displayed this image and shared my passion for this couple because they looked so real.

 This is the mystery: Who were they? Where was this taken? Is this New England, or possibly the “old country”? The image itself provides the only clues to its origin. Knowing now that I can develop these glass negatives has led me to offer outright to any local historical society – if you have some glass negatives that you would like to see developed; I will volunteer my new skill for free. I may ask only to keep a copy of the developed image. 

The Monroe Historical Society accepted my offer – take a look at the video of more amazing negative to positive reveals.

For another interesting photo click here to look at this class picture from the 1940's  Didn't you ever wonder what those young faces were thinking back then?


  1. that is really cool and i hope you can find who it belongs to as a amateur genealogist I find this fascinating. I also was wondering do you come and do talk to non-profit groups such as 4-H? We belong to a homeschool 4-H group and if you can and if the time we meet works we'd love to have you.

  2. Thanks Mouster! Please email me with that kind of request. I do make speaking engagements, best if you send me some detail in a message to my inbox.

  3. Note your location is Brookfield, it may interest you to know Brookfield was the Northern "end" of the New York, Housatonic, and Northern RR which linked the Housatonic RR to the Danbury and Norwalk RR. Much info on "Brookfield Junction" in the " Tyler City" WS. The section of the H & N South of Danbury to White Plains was never completed; you can view a segment of the grade near Sterling Rd in Greenwich. Interested? albreck@Yahoo,com


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