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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Remember when the walk to school was up hill...both ways?

I don't consider myself old...and neither should you. But I do remember having the opportunity- Wait. Strike that. I had no choice...we walked to school. My elementary school had no bus service, everyone walked or was driven. 
Click on the image below to read the captions. I found this in a pile of papers. It looks like the 1940s and the expressions on some of the kids are priceless


It will be hard impressing my daughter that when I was her age I walked to school. And, despite the heat or the cold or how tiring it was, we did it. Looking back now, I don't feel like it was some kind of hardship, I really liked it.

I have promised my daughter that one of these days we will walk the same path, from my old neighborhood, to my old school. She will see that it really was, at times - up hill both ways.

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