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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Found Photo: Gold is where they found it!

Other than “gold” my favorite category items to find are old photographs. Visual records of the past can be worth a thousand word, or more. 

 I have have seen enough old photographs to be an expert in detecting their origin and purpose - I like to call it photo-forensics. However, I still have a lot to learn about the taking and processing of my own photographs, not to mention the photography skills of others. The image above was in a box under a desk in the basement of  cool antique store in Oakville Connecticut.

I picked it up and brought it home despite the condition it looks to be in. A group of well dressed men in the middle of the woods? I know there has to be more to the story that that. Take a look at these close ups:
 If you scanned the full image you know right away that these guys are celebrating...something.
 Then I noticed several round objects at their feet, or in the shot just below- being used as a seat. 
 I am going to guess that they are pans used in Panning for gold. They seem to hold a somewhat prominent place in the photo. 
I also noticed dogs  - I counted three so far. What do you think? Are they prospectors celebrating the claim they have staked and as partners plan to be rich beyond the dreams of Avarice? If you have a better guess - send me a note or leave it in the comments. 


  1. Very interesting as our club just had a Gold Panning demonstration last week. I will see if I can post this on facebook in the NorEasters Metal Detecting Club page I am sure they would like to see this.

  2. I believe if these were gold miners they would have not all been dressed quite so well. Also I think you would see more of them having weapons (guns) to protect whatever they might find.


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