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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Product Quiz -You'll Never See This Again (SOLVED!)

When I am digging through the cast-offs from the past I will usually come across a product that was once (somewhat) familiar to me, but is now gone forever. Can you guess?
When I first saw it, I thought it was something completely different.Although now I know it wasn't even close I thought they were these:
Fuzzy low-res pictures make this more convincing, but no. Maybe I was hoping to find one of these. I loved this toy. If love between a boy and a toy is possible...
These were fun to shoot and you couldn't possibly break or injure anything or anyone, but you sure could annoy the heck out of them. I digress. The commentators had it right from the get-go...
If there were a toy gun that shot these across a room, now that would be fun. Speaking of Awesome toy guns. Stop by tomorrow for the most supreme awesome toy gun ever!


  1. Went inside your 45 so you could play it on a turntable

  2. As a pre-teen of the 70's,I know these widgets well.Many of them found their way to the center of my Elton John 45's.These were used to stabilize 45 rpm single song records on the spindle of a standard turntable.Some phonographs had a gadget built in to the turntable that popped up when needed.These widgets also could be used for table top field goals(Flick!) and may or may not have worked as ammo for my Star Trek disc shooter.

  3. Thanks for coming up with the solution so quickly. I'll have to try harder next time to fool you.


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