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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Getting Gerties Garter...86 years ago!

(This is one of my tips for what I look for in a good antique store.  Bonus!! See if you can find the alliterative and titillating title in the images below)
When I have missed all the good weekend sales but still need my "fix" of old paper, I have a strategy and friends who will help me out. Let's call them "enablers." One of my regular stops, besides the local flea market (The Elephants Trunk in New Milford, CT) is "Just In Antiques," which, coincidentally, is beside the local flea market, and named for the owner, Justin Krul.

This weekend, his store was the site of a large outdoor mini-flea (I know, I used large and mini in the same sentence. So sue me). The sale featured a collection of bits and pieces from the many estate sales he has run in the past few months. Why did he open up the full garage and his over stocked house to the sale? To make room for more items to come. 

While picking through a box in the kitchen I came across a purchase Justin had made from, a once popular but now closed messy antique shop, "Connecticut Memories." The owner of that store had bought out an estate sale in the 1980's from a well known magazine editor who had lived his life mainly in New Milford.  Avid film and theater patrons Just had found some very old one-sheet programs from 1928, a Danbury Connecticut theater called the Empress. 

I don't mean to criticize when I say the house was over-stocked. For a picker like me, a somewhat messy set up means I can still find things that haven't been fully discovered. I don't go "antiquing." If I did, I would probably go to the many pristine locations where everything has been placed and priced just so. But since I am not looking for what has been found, more for what hasn't been found, "Just In Antiques" is tops on my list. 

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