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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Death Begins at 40

I have a small collection of books I have purchased just for their titles alone. This one is no exception.
Safety booklet
Who needs a gag gift section at the local novelty store when all you really need for anyone turning 40 is this booklet.  You can guess what the real subject is by the awesome graphic.
This was found, not by me, but by a dealer at a local flea market going through a box of books. While they were tossing some and saving others I mentioned my desire for old paper and when they pulled out this, it was handed to me as a gift!
The publication is filled with page after page of sarcastic warnings and columns of statistics to back up every reason for driving safely. If you have ever studied or appreciated graphic arts this is a small staple hinged museum.
Grant Wood is one of my favorites. He is best known for "American Gothic," which I often like to think I found the photo that inspired that painting...
But don't get me started on glass negatives...

I couldn't scan every page but it was difficult deciding which ones to leave out.

Saving the best for last is the final center-fold that shows the ghost of wrecked cars and the idiots who    died at 40, or more.
1937 as it is now, stay safe on those roads, they're deadly.


  1. I think I like Motor Manners the best. So true!

  2. The Motor Manners page tells us that there was road rage in 1937. Many states in that time had speed limits from 35-50mph and some had "reasonable and prudent" as in no maximum speed limit. Cars were still somewhat slow compared to what came later, and many roads still weren't paved. In WWII, the speed limit was reduced to 35 throughout the whole country.

  3. Great historical insight, Tim. There's at least 10 more pages I didn't scan. Thanks for your comment.


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