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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gold is Where You Drink It - Campaign Memorabilia

While I never expected to be a Rhode Scholar, I certainly think I have a good chance of becoming a Road Scholar.  Thanks to my "hitting' the road" every weekend, I have learned more about religion, politics, philosophy, the human condition and society in general than I would in a classroom.   

Let's take politics for example:
Goldwater Soda 1964
I knew of the conservative candidate Barry Goldwater, but I didn't know his election team came up with a a soda to help promote his relationship with the public.  He was a candidate who probably wouldn't have approved this kind of tactic, but few candidates have full control of the flurry of activity around their campaign, in my opinion. 
This was the campaign that may be best known for the advanced use of effect commercials having an impact on voters. Goldwater's opponent LBJ and his campaign gave us the iconic "daisy" political ad and another that were meant to counter Goldwater's position of atomic weapons in Vietnam. LBJ's biggest attack was to produce his own soda. 
Johnson Juice soda

While Goldwater was teased for his soda by being called "Dr Strangejuice" and in the end LBJ opened up a can of "Whoop-ass" on him for the win. I voted in my diaper that year. 

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