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Monday, January 12, 2015

More or Less Subliminal and Strange Whiskey Ad

There's nothing I like better than a vintage ad with a mixed message, sometimes it's subliminal, and sometimes it's right in front for all to see.
Sunny Brook Whiskey Ad
Did you see it? Old Sunny Brook had a storied past. Started by the Rosenfield brothers in 1891 it became the top selling whiskey around the turn of the century. As the Roaring Twenties neared, prohibition legislation began to creep in and would eventually bankrupt the business by 1917. It was sold to National Distilling Company in 1933 after one of the brothers passed away and the name remained until 1975 when the distillery was demolished. I found another website that claims the name was bought and is now owned by the Jim Beam company. If you didn't see it I'll give you a closer look...
Have a sip and chase a turkey
 This image in the upper left keeps me guessing. Is this what a customer of Sunny Brook can expect after a drink or two? Maybe this is preferable to the pink elephants?  Don't ask this guy...
Not a care in the world

He's 3 sheets to the wind already.

Credit for the backstory bits goes to this site here. You can find more detail there, and some good early signage as well.

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